Underfloor Heating Options

Considering Underfloor heating?

Here's our expert guide for all you need to know about underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is an extremely cost effective way to warm a room, so it will help you cut your fuel bills. Plus unlike radiators it will provide ultimate comfort levels by distributing heat evenly and gently that feels great on your feet. Underfloor heating offers a space saving alternative to radiators offering you more valuable wall space which can be great to achieve extra kitchen units, storage or even another door space.

Wet system underfloor heating is typically connected to majority of central heating boilers where a manifold is installed. We will design and create a specific bespoke circuit of plastic pipework throughout your floor to distribute even amounts of heat throughout your floor space which can be independently controlled via individual room thermostats.

Underfloor Heating

Why use Flux?

  • We have been lucky enough over many years to have gained the experience, skill and reputation of installing underfloor heating correctly as we regularly install underfloor heating for construction firms when building extensions and orangeries.
  • We have a great relationship with a local leading supplier of underfloor heating products so we know you wont beat our prices.
  • We use a screeding company with a great reputation of providing the latest floor screed that will ensure you will receive the maximum potential from your underfloor heating package that we offer.
  • Unlike so many over companies out there, who just don't install underfloor heating enough to be confident with the correct procedure, products and best installation methods, we can take care of the whole package correctly and cheaper than you think.

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